Yes, you incredibly picky people among you will notice that I am using a gummy bear instead of a official and proper Jelly Baby. The worksheet for this fantasic little project is linked here.

Hello Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls etc etc. It is me again :). Those of you who follow my twitter account will have noticed that I made a Jelly Baby Button yesterday, a simple circuit with the Raspberry Pi. Here are the photographs:

gummybear1 gummybear2 gummybear3

This is a project me and Bethanie Fentiman will be doing a session on at Mozfest 2016. It is a really cool little project to understand physical computing, and learn how to make a computer communicate (or burp) in the physical world. If you want to go to Mozfest 2016 Click here to book tickets now!


Just wanted to say a quick thanks to Jade and the Awesome Geeks team for interviewing me for the Awesome Geeks Podcast Click here to listen to it now!