Hi there, I'm Cerys Lock (You might have guessed that already ;)) I originally got into computing when I was a little girl - I can't actually remember a time in my life when I haven't used computers, I can even remember playing minesweeper on Windows XP! My Dad also has a print shop, which helped me learn more the STEM subjects (Technology especially) and helped me learn how things work. I love taking computers apart; even if you do occasionally break something that works completely fine beforehand, but that's just how we learn. Anyway, I wanted a 15 year old laptop to work so I took it apart and did all the usual (wipe, new version of windows etc etc.) but it was very slow and I thought there has got to be a cheap, better way of computing than this, so that's how I found the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and ordered myself my very first Raspberry Pi (Pi 1 Model B). I must have sat waiting ages and ages for it to be delivered :). It finally came, and I opened it straight away, wrote Raspian Wheezy to an SD card and off I went! My very first project was lighting up an LED, and I can't tell you how amazing it was to see it lit up for the very first time! If you want to contact me use the form below and I hope you like my website as much as I enjoyed making it!