This is my website. If youíre here youíre either totally insane, like me (Iím beginning to like you already) or you're just incredibly lost on the Internet :). So Iím me, Cerys, I go to different Raspberry Jams around the country because Iím a Raspberry Pi enthusiast. A Raspberry Pi is an amazing budget PC costing £4-£30. That will be the best few quid youíll ever spend in your entire life :). Anyway I go to many Raspberry Jams (Meetingís for the phenomenal little things) and I talk and present. I also run Stafford Raspberry Jam. †I hope you like my website :) Here is me at the very first meeting I ever went to for these amazing little PC's called a Raspberry Jam!

Below, you can see a perfect illustration of me :). Well okay, no, not quite but i do love all the STEM subjects and you can always find me with my head in a PC one way or another!

I go around A LOT of Raspberry Jams and other sort of meetings and you may have also heard that I run my own too (you are correct) :). I really, really like meeting all the people behind all of the scenes to make these events happen, and of course all the faces behind the products that people make. Then there is meeting the curious people - the average person who wants to understand everything about the piece of Technology or whatever you're talking about and goes away and makes a fantastic masterpiece so people can go and see what they have done and the loop happens over and over again!